Posted by: wolferiver | July 5, 2012

This Past Fourth

This past 4th I did not cookout, or make a picnic of fried chicken and potato salad, or make the latest viral food fad.

Nor did I join in the melancholy nostalgic elegies for Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry RFD. I will miss him, too, but I can’t say anything more eloquent than what these folks have said. (Ken Levine, NYTimes) The Andy Griffith Show  will be a perpetual summertime memory for all of America. (Well, white America, at least.)

I did not watch fireworks or even so much as light sparklers.

I did not read the Declaration of Independence, or any book on how America got invented on July 4th, or even that famous assessment of the American Character by Alexis de Toqueville, “Democracy in America“, which I’ve been meaning to read for some time.

I thought no deep thoughts about our reckless rush into revolt more than two hundred years ago, and how long the odds were against the colonies, and which side I might have taken had I lived in those times.

I watched no parades, nor did I listen to John Phillip Sousa’s “The Stars and Stripes Forever”, nor did I hunt up my American flag and plant it in my front yard.

Instead I did that other national activity — which is to say I worked.

Yes, The Man needed me on a job site in the deep south, so I spent my day in an air conditioned construction trailer, watching nothing much happen as all the construction workers had been allowed off for the holiday and for an extremely long weekend.

  • Picture of the USA flags comes from Joe Shlabotnik at Flickr. They flutter bravely against a blue sky. Thanks, Joe.
  • Picture of the Liberty Bell comes from Minarea at Flickr. She did a lovely job catching the light burnishing the writing on the bell.


  1. It sounds like you celebrated your inalienable right to make no decisions for yourself.

  2. Dear Brigitta, no more content? What do you think of the new Boardwalk Empire season? Or the new crop of TV shows? Did you see the Ruby Sparks movie yet or Samsara? How about Paul McCartney singing jazz standards on Great Performances? Have any comments on the continuing rise of The Big Bang Theory? Do you miss The Altered States of Tara? Do think the new Spiderman reboot works? Do you think Emma Stone may be the voice of her generation of actresses? Or do you think it will be Ellen Page or Emily Browning or Anna Kendrick or someone else? I am looking forward to your continued posts. Please don’t let us down.

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