Posted by: wolferiver | November 25, 2010

Brickbats Flying

I get my Sunday NYTimes on my Nook and I spend the whole week reading it in between other activities. So it wasn’t until today that I noticed an item about HBO airing a Martin Scorsese documentary on — ta dah! — Fran Lebowitz.

Yes, it’s about time.  If there was ever a documentary crying to be made, it’s the one about this famous-in-every-household interviewer for Interview magazine. You know, the same Interview magazine that sits on coffee tables and doctor’s waiting rooms throughout the land, with its self-absorbed, never ending conversation about the all-important nexus of fashion and culture.

Actually, sarcasm aside, I’ve been a long-time fan of Ms. Lebowitz. I first read her work in Glamour magazine (which was many more years ago than I care to think about). Among all the beauty and fashion advice her voice was a welcome if incongruous dash of mordant wit, not unlike as if Oscar Levant had risen from the dead and decided to write strictly for teenaged girls.

Variety magazine, in its review of the documentary, decries it’s top-heavy, single note examination of the subject, but also admits that:

“Given the number of dunderheaded pundits holding forth nightly, Lebowitz does feel like a throwback to a wittier era.”

I already missed the several airings, but I think I’ll trouble myself to catch a repeat. 


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