Posted by: wolferiver | May 10, 2010

Cranky Old Boomer Edition


  •   Most Boomers grew up in some variation of a mid-century middle-class modest ranch or split-level home, and they still make up vast tracts of housing in many cities.  I, myself, live happily in a 3-bedroom house built in the late 50’s, complete with mint green tiles in the bathroom, a knotty-pine rumpus room in the basement, and a so-retro-it’s-groovy-again avocado green shag carpet added by another owner in another era.  The Retro Renovation blog (and sister site, Save The Pink Bathrooms) embraces these homes, providing information on how to restore these homes to their original charm.  I have no renovation plans, but I enjoy the trip to the past celebrating Mid-century Middle-class Modern tastes.  Almost everyone I grew up with lived in homes like this.


  • For an American, the English Russia blog evokes memories of our curious historical dance with our onetime WWII ally and subsequent Cold War nemesis.  The owners of the site post startling images from the former Soviet Republics, which either confirm our past fears, or confound them.  Mostly what I love about this blog is the wonderful, wry, dry, black humor that seems to be at the heart of the Russian national character.  The picture to the side is from this post about top Lenin monument pranks. 

Er…nothing subtle about the humor in the Lenin monument picture, I guess, but it’s funny in the same way that putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa would be.

Speaking about infantile humor, Mad Magazine, the one-time preferred purveyor of humor to all Boomers, is no longer what it once was.  Now owned by DC comics, and with a series coming to Cartoon Network, it’s gone all corporate and Hollywoody.  Of course, without the talents of Don Martin, the comic genius with the huge arsenal of sound effects, or the original Prohias Spy vs. Spy strips, I just can’t get that interested in seeking out new issues.  Sergio Aragones, however, still lives, and still creates his mad, loony cartoon sketches.  This image is from his recent art exhibit.


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