Posted by: wolferiver | August 18, 2009

THWAK! You’re Outta Here!

It’s not often that we get to find out how a canceled show would’ve continued, so it was with a bittersweet pang that I found what the makers of Eli Stone had in mind for continuing the rest of the story. 

Usually, under performing shows gets yanked, and we never hear another thing about it, except maybe from other fans posting their comments at IMDB or Amazon.  Characters that we’ve welcomed into our homes and our lives, and who we’ve looked forward to hearing from every week, are suddenly just gone, with no explanation, no advisory bulletin, and no word on whether unaired episodes will ever air.  I understand that show business is a BUSINESS, and everyone is in it to make money, and the networks aren’t running a charity, but it does seem a tad unfair that a show with “only” 3 million or so viewers is considered a failure.


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