Posted by: wolferiver | August 14, 2009

"People say stuff. People read it. Then it all evaporates into the ether."

That’s a quote from Stanley Bing, who is a columnist for Fortune magazine.  I came across it in a recent post he made in his blog.  (No, I didn’t dream this up.  There really is a Bing Blog.)  He’s also written several books, including one that I bought, “Crazy Bosses“.  (I’ve had a few of those myself.)  He’s written lots of other books.  (My favorite title from his oeuvre is perhaps Sun Tzu Was A Sissy.)  He writes about corporate culture, and as described in his blog:

He is also the only writer on business and the workplace who still puts on a suit and tie and goes to do battle with the dragons that breathe fire at corporate America every day.

Judging by the reader comments for his books at Amazon, a fair number of people think his works are either mean spirited or unfair representations of the work place, or they’ve mistaken his works for some sort of business “how to” guide.  Those people are simply naive and clueless.  Bing is, as far as I’ve can tell, the most astute observer of corporate life that I’ve ever read.  Between him and Dilbert, you’ll have a complete picture of the range of life in the corporate rat-race, which can swing from mind-numbing stupidity to ass-puckering terror, sometimes in the same day.  It’s amazing how anything gets produced in this country — and probably a real tribute to those who do the actual work of producing things.

I discovered Stanley Bing many years ago when he wrote a column for Esquire magazine.  I copied one of those columns (from 1989) because I thought it was a wise caution to anyone starting out in the corporate world.  Twenty years later I think it is still a valuable piece.  I’ve posted a link for downloading the entire column, which will be up until the copyright cops do a drive-by.


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