Posted by: wolferiver | June 6, 2009

Operation Overlord

Of all the images I’ve seen of D-Day, here are three that are untypical.  (Link, link, and link)

At this point, the war had been going on for over three years (over four years for the Brits).  Despite what you might see in movies about this war, or read in books, victory for the allies did not look inevitable at this point.  In the beginning of this year the Allies held only the foot of Italy in Europe, and in the Pacific, things looked like they were at stalemate.   Up to this point, neither America, nor its allies had such a great track record at amphibious assaults, so the decision to open up a Western Front by attacking the well fortified coast of France was very risky.

Each year at this time I take a moment to remember the sacrifices that our parents’ generation went through to keep our world safe for us.  There are no end of websites that explain the details of D-Day, the subsequent campaign, and the unassuming heroism of the average Allied soldier. 

Wikipedia article on D-Day

Flickr set of contemporary WWII photos

Some contemporary documents and photos

The photos kind of bring the whole thing closer, don’t you think?


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