Posted by: wolferiver | May 3, 2009

Weird Wide Web

This morning I found a blog devoted solely to reviewing only little black notebooks.  I’ve seen sites that review notebooks, but not one as specialized as this.  Even so, this isn’t the weird part yet.  After poking around in various blog entries, I found a website for an outfit that manufactures notebooks that can stand up to the rain.   Even that’s not all that weird.  A little esoteric, perhaps, but having worked on construction sites before, I can see that there might be a few uses for such a notebook.  But, take a look at all the testimonials from people who have used their notebooks and what they’ve used them for.  Now those are some interesting occupations, don’t you think?  Weird, but in a good way, that is.

Not weird enough yet?

How about the Comics Curmudgeon?  This guy takes comics a little too seriously, I think.

The Boring Store?  Wonder what they sell?  Not only a bunch of boring stuff, but would you believe they also offer tutoring?


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