Posted by: wolferiver | April 20, 2009

How Things Have Changed

From the Times (that’s the LONDON Times) comes an article proclaiming their list of the 50 best US television shows


I remember a time when the whole rest of the western world looked down on American television.  I remember squirming when I thought of all those episodes of Kojak and Dallas running constantly in the capitals of Europe.  Granted, they wouldn’t have aired there if audiences there didn’t want to watch these shows, but one could hardly defend them on their cultural merit.  In those days, what little highbrow cultural shows there were on American televisions usually came from the UK, and aired on PBS.

I can’t argue too much with their list, except to wonder if some of shows that I would’ve added maybe haven’t aired in the UK?  There’s no mention of Veronica Mars, Burn Notice, Monk, My Name is Earl, Rescue Me, or The Closer.  These, too, are American originals (unlike Ugly Betty, Life on Mars, or The Office).


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