Posted by: wolferiver | April 18, 2009

Well Now, This Sounds Hopeful!

As a die hard old school Trekkie, and a big fan of ST:TOS (er. that stands for Star Trek: The Original Series), I have been cringing at the thought of a “re-boot” of the franchise, as promised by the upcoming J. Abram “pre-quel”.  The movie is supposed to show the early formative years of Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew of the Federation Starship Enterprise, but after watching the slow deterioration of the various TV iterations, I had quite given up hope.

The new movie comes out in less than a month, and has already received its premiere in Sydney.  From one of my favorite V-bloggers comes a preview/review.  It has no spoilers, making it safe to watch, and has plenty of cool clips.

I’m less interested in how spiffy the special effects are — after all, a diehard fan of ST:TOS cannot possibly object to even the cheesiest of scifi special effects — and more interested in whether or not the new movie can possibly re-capture the spirit of the original series.  Judging by what Blunty has to say, it looks like the movie might just live up to my hopes.


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