Posted by: wolferiver | December 7, 2008


Here’s a couple of interesting things that I’ve come across recently on the web.

  • The story behind famous Hollywood studio logos.  I would’ve liked to hear the story behind less well known logos, such as New Line, or Lionsgate, or defunct logos, such as RKO Pictures.  And nothing in particular was written about Universal’s logo.  It’s true that their logo is a little more obvious than some of the other logos, but no less so than the Warner Bros. logo.  Even so, the stories are interesting.  What’s also interesting is that many of these haven’t been streamlined or stylized, and despite being updated over their 70 odd years of existence, they look remarkably richly detailed even to their latest versions.
  • How cool is this?  A guy takes a photo, puts it up on Flickr using a Creative Commons license, and it gets used in a movie!  I must say that this is the point of having a Creative Commons license — namely to beget more creativity.  I use Flickr photos frequently as my desktop, and you can find the creme de la creme conveniently aggregated at FlickrLeech.
  • File this under “clueless media”: Vanity Fair has published an article describing the plight of the “nouveau poor” of Wall Street.  While there’s a certain schadenfreude factor to all this, the fact that their wild and unchecked speculation in Structured Investment Vehicles has taken this country (if not the world) down the crapper is is surely the bigger point, and if this is all the consequences that these bankers have to suffer, it is too kind by half.  As if to make up for this, Vanity Fair also has a timeline of the various articles they published chronicling the downward slide.  (Hint: it wasn’t caused by all the poor, black people in the USA.)
  • For us movie trivia buffs, the UK’s Daily Mail has an interesting look at how The Godfather was made.  It includes behind the scenes photos of the filming, and a description by Mario Puzo of how he came to write the book.

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