Posted by: wolferiver | June 29, 2008

Let Us Now Praise IMDB

I got my own computer in 1997, which was a few years later than most.  It was a used 486, which had been souped up to the max, and so was barely able to do what the new Pentiums of the day could do without breaking into a sweat.  I had already discovered the World Wide Web through my computer at work, but now, finally, it was at my fingertips, and without any watchful eyes of the corporate cybercops.

One of the first things that I did with it were:

  1. Participate in a sewing newsgroup
  2. Join a Highlander web forum
  3. Make extensive use of the Internet Movie Data Base

Guess which one of those three things I’m still doing?

Here’s an article about IMDB that explains its success better than I can.


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