Posted by: wolferiver | June 2, 2008


I found some interesting on-line magazines today.   The Coudal and The Morning News.

How about some bit o’ quirky?

Since word processors came into being, font mania has swept the world — and not always for the better.  Here’s a guy who just LOVES typography.  And a guy who’s just NUTS for design.  And someone who’s cuckoo for ampersands.  They have STANDARDS!

How about some Art?  Or more Arty Stuff?

One concert tour I’d really like to see:  A group who’s next tour is titled In Memoria, which, based on this article by the group’s leader, promises songs of requiem and mourning.  I tell you, those Brits know a thing or two about pomp and circumstance.  (And isn’t it just absolutely fab publicity to contrive to have an article about the subject appear in The Guardian?)

Okay, enough with the precious and the twee.

Take a look at FlickrLeech and soothe your jangled nerves.


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