Posted by: wolferiver | December 27, 2007

The Clueless Main Stream Media

I read somewhere recently that one of the top three under-reported stories of the year by the main stream media was the Led Zeppelin reunion concert. This was a startling realization for me. This was a pretty big story to have ignored. Among the Boomer set, the only news bigger than this would’ve been a Beatles reunion — of any sort.

The Wall Street Journal did a review of the concert, but in researching on the web, I found precious few mentions of it in other major American media outlets. Nothing in the LA Times, the NY Times, or the Washington Post. The only other references to the event that I could find on Google News were from Bloomberg, a blog on the Seattle Post Intelligencer which provided some videos, the Denver Post made mention of it, as did the Wichita Eagle. Sadder still was the FoxNews headline, which read “Naomi Campbell Mugged at Zeppelin Concert“. Yep. According to Fox, Naomi is the story, not Zeppelin. And a blogger on the LA Times site used the concert as an opportunity to whine about concert ticket prices. (Evidently he skipped the lecture on the Law of Supply and Demand in Economics 101.)

After all the endless stories about the moronic antics of air headed pop stars, it’s almost unfathomable that a story of this magnitude would go virtually unnoted. Or maybe not. Led Zeppelin was one of the major rock acts in the seventies, but I suppose 30 year old rock groups, with decrepit old members, half of whom are dead, don’t seem quite as glamorous to news editors. Nonetheless, mention of this concert would have been of great interest to most members of the Boomer generation, which despite its collective aging, is still the single largest demographic block, at about 28% of the population. (There’s a handy table comparing the major demographic age groups in this PDF file here.) Ask any Boomer which were the top five rock bands ever, and they’ll unhesitatingly list The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Led Zeppelin as the top four. The magnitude of these rock acts in the Pantheon of Rock Acts is undeniable to Boomers, even if one wasn’t especially fond of some of them. News of this reunion concert would have been of some passing interest, especially as it was generally good news among a sea of disheartening stories.

Everybody wails and moans about the media, claiming that the problem is the hidden bias. The left claims that the media has a hidden bias to the right, and the right claims that the hidden bias is to the left. But the real problem isn’t the supposed hidden bias, but the general MYOPIA and CLUELESSNESS of the press.


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