Posted by: wolferiver | November 25, 2007

That 70’s Zeitgeist

The seventies have been haunting me for the past year or so.  Things keep popping up in my life reminding me of my 18 year old self.  It’s not just any stuff, either, but stuff that I had a personal connection to.   I have no earthly idea what the hell is going on, but this has occurred too frequently for it to not have some sort of cosmic meaning.

The latest sign of some sort of cosmic convergence happened while I was flipping channels earlier today.  I came across an old Richard Dreyfuss movie called “The Big Fix”, which came out in 1978.  This little movie is an excellent little noire type film which captures the seventies exactly, from the patched blue jeans, the Christian Dior gypsy fashions, jean jackets, afro hairdos, and F. Murray Abraham turning in a great performance as an Abbie Hoffman type radical in deep hiding in suburbia.  (Mandy Patinkin, before fame caught up with him, does a great little bit as a stoned out pool cleaner.)  I can’t say that this movie was deeply meaningful to me, but I did admire it even then as a perfect look from the seventies back into the sixties.

Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today.

As for me, I’m really beginning to wonder what all this seventies convergence that I’m encountering in 2007 means to me.  And, since I’m a Boomer, it wouldn’t surprise me if a similar thing probably going on with the rest of my cohorts.  If there’s one thing that can be counted on if you’re a Boomer, you’re never experiencing something alone. 


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