Posted by: wolferiver | August 20, 2007

Fox News Cancels Faux Comedy Show

According to a news article in the NYTimes, Fox News is canceling their mock news show because it’s too expensive to produce. Pardon me, but WTF. Too expensive?

According to this article:

When the “1/2 Hour News Hour” made its debut in February, the weekly satire was panned by critics, gaining the unwelcome distinction of being the worst-rated program ever on But it was well-received by viewers, and on many weekends it was Fox News Channel’s highest-rated half hour among adults ages 25 to 54.

As I understand the 24-hours news business, the average age of the audience is quite old, so it’s probably a Big Deal to have a show with higher than average number of adults 25 to 54 watching. If so, how expensive was it to make this show? By all accounts, it wasn’t very funny, so it’s not as if they were employing top drawer writing. The bottom line in the TV business is the ratio of eyeballs to $$ spent on programming. The number of eyeballs couldn’t have been that great, if this dimwitted show got canceled.

Mr. Surnow [of Fox] warned against using the show’s demise to infer that conservatives are not funny.

Don’t worry. I would never use THIS show’s demise to infer that conservatives are not funny. I already knew that before this show ever began.


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