Posted by: wolferiver | January 20, 2007

Trying New Stuff

Two weeks ago I found the complete Sports Night at 50% off at Barnes & Noble.  I liked the first two seasons of West Wing, and am a regular watcher of Studio 60, so I thought it would be a safe purchase. After starting to watch it, I promptly OD’d on it. I saw the first 10 episodes on one weekend, but then I was interrupted by a business trip. The following weekend I watched the entire rest of the series straight through. Boy did that ever mess up my sleep cycle. I guess I’ll have to be careful not to allow myself any opportunities to see Aaron Sorkin shows in massive quantities all at once.
The only other show that ever drove me this crazy was Farscape, which I still re-watch regularly.

Also on my order list from Amazon is the second season of Black Books, the British version of Seinfeld, and LateLine, a short lived sitcom starring Al Franken.   I’ve seen the first season of Black Books, so I know I’ll enjoy the second season.  I’m certain not to OD on that, as each season is only 6 episodes.  (Can you imagine?  Only SIX episodes per season!)

The last new thing I tried, and it was just last night, is Hyperdrive, a British scifi comedy airing on BBC America.  Ugh.  It was so very not funny.  Hard to believe this is the same nation that gave us Monty Python, Eddie Izzard, and Rowan Atkinson.


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