Posted by: wolferiver | December 24, 2006

Another Gem

If you just look hard enough, you can uncover some really fine television shows. The latest that I’ve found is called “Slings and Arrows”.
Cast of Slings And Arrows

The show is an engaging and lively examination of what its characters go through to produce plays for an annual Shakespeare festival (think of a fictional Stratford). What I especially like about it, apart from its wit and interesting characters, is that these characters are all on separate trajectories while they try to achieve a common goal. These characters are not like one large, happy family, nor are they acting to serve a large clockwork-like plot.

The show also sneaks in a lesson about one of Shakespeare’s plays without the bother of having to wade through Elizabethan vocabulary. I mean, after high school, and maybe college, who sits down and reads Shakespeare for fun? It’s much easier to have actors figure it out, and then show it to me. In this show we get to see how the actors figure it out, kind of like in “Looking For Richard”.

This is one of those rare television shows that I’m sure I’ll watch again, and have happily added to my DVD collection.


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