Posted by: wolferiver | November 5, 2006

we’re effectively synergizing backwards overflow

I continue to watch NBC’s “30 Rock”, even though it is broadcast opposite more popular fare. I think this is a show that has moments of sublime comedy, but it needs to find its legs.

I watched “Jericho” up until “30 Rock” debuted, but it wasn’t a difficult show to stop watching. I found the characters on “Jericho” to be a little to stereotypical and felt that I was being manipulated by its makers. The story was interesting but only from an educational standpoint (like what to do about nuclear rain), and not from any suspenseful standpoint. I don’t care what happens to the town and the characters in them.

It’s not that I think “30 Rock” has less stereotypical characters exactly. In fact, I think Tina Fey’s character is a limp version of Mary-Tyler-Moore (on the TV show, not the actress), and the writers in the writing room are all rather pale. As for Tracy Morgan, he’s given very little to do. But the Alec Baldwin character is a real pleasure to watch, and so is Pete the page.

30 Rock Cast Picture

I hope NBC has patience with this show, and allows it to develop.



  1. I read what you wrote and I can honestly say this was a little messy.

    First off Jericho has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. Mary-Tyler-Moore is a poor comparison because of the fact that nobody in the entire demographic of 30 rock is going to know who she is. I’m not saying the comparison is invalid, it just isn’t useful.

    His name is Tracey Jordan, not Morgan. You’re technically correct right up until you say Pete the page. Pete is not a page, he is a producer in the TV series. Kenneth however is the page. I really think you should refer to all the characters as either their real name or alias on the show, and not alternate. You more than likely didn’t do this on purpose however.

    The real reason I’m responding to this is because this show is genuinely fantastic. There are only a handful of shows I watch (The Office, House, The IT Crowd, and 30 rock.)

    I remember back when I loved this show called Firefly, it was amazing in every sense. They canceled it, and made a movie with the same cast and story called Serenity.

    What I’m trying to say is that you are correct in saying the show needs room to grow. If you really think about it, the entire premise behind it is absurd, it really has doesn’t have anything that makes sense in the real world. However, the show is extremely entertaining, and I hope it does not change and stays where it is and we continue to have new seasons.

    I’m comparing 30 rock and Firefly because both share the similarity of perhaps not catching on right away due to how strange they are. (Can you believe Firefly was a “Western Sci-Fi space TV series?) On paper it doesn’t make any sense, but in practice it works!

    The best thing NBC could do to help this show grow is to just throw it on the internet for free. I love this show, but I’m not going to watch it or any other on TV. I hate commercials, I hate working with a schedule, I hate the lack of HD I have in my home. Offering this on the internet solves all these problems, and they stand to make more money if they get creative with ads.

    Oh and, Tina Fey is one of the most attractive females ever. Alec Baldwin too (You know what I mean), his demeanor is always very enticing.

  2. Actually, Tracy Morgan is the name of the actor who plays Tracy Jordan. Therefore you are the mistaken one.

  3. It’s Kenneth the page…

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